A Fintech Software, Integration & Analytics Firm

The foundations of commerce - transactions, the exchange of value, the units of exchange and the accounting of which - all of this is prime for disruptive integration. Tally Lytics operates at the center of Fintech and innovates financial technologies of the future.


Our Focus

Engineering Rigor

The best of financial software & integration is realized with rigorous engineering practices and design principles.

Financial Technology

Take the best of finance & accounting concepts and evolve them into breakthrough products that bring markets forward.

Customer Obsession

Start with the customer and work backwards. Learn deeply about their pains and deliver solutions that customers love.


Airbnb & Vrbo Accounting Integration

BNBTALLY integrates Airbnb & Vrbo with your favorite accounting platforms. We connect with QuickBooks Online and Xero accounting software to seamlessly automate your reservation bookkeeping.

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